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Why do we struggle with fat-loss?


Take an Ape out of the jungle, feed him our fast food, sit him in our restricting chairs, force him into daily fight or flight situations he would normally experience sporadically, restrict his sunlight, restrict his natural movement patterns, add unnatural weight for him to carry daily,  destroy his natural circadian rhythm with unnatural sleep patterns, and on-top of all that blast him with our blue light smart screens all day.

Sound familiar?!

How long do you think it would take for him to become sick, depressed and overweight?

If you've tried all the popular FAD diets, fitness programs and conventional health wisdom, you have probably fallen short; for one simple reason...

Sustainable health and fat-loss does not come in one simple fix or FAD. It takes a combination of nutrition, exercise, movement and various lifestyle factors. They all work in harmony, a symphony; the way your genes expect.

For a species not just to survive but to thrive, it requires a lifestyle plan, nutrition philosophy, and a movement pattern aligned with that expected of its genes.

Thankfully I'm here to help you change all that!

Long-term fat-loss, health, strength and longevity come from a complete lifestyle change.

... that's the secret ... LIFESTYLE CHANGE!

Client Testimonials


As I moved into my 40’s I was resigned to the fact I would never be the weight I was when I was younger.  I was now 14 stone 9lbs, the heaviest I had ever been.


My issues with food where very deep, through my teens and 20’s I would binge, starve and repeat. Thats kinda all I knew. Plus if I am honest my down right laziness to really do anything about it, as I had a terrible repeating cycle of committing to “be good” on Monday and when I wasn’t I would tell myself “try again next Monday’!


So what changed you ask?


At the start of the year I had a works photograph taken and it shocked me to see how I looked, totally not what I thought I looked like. I thought that I had to do something about it. Being in my 40’s, feeling unhealthy and thinking about how my Dad had died quite young I thought its now or never.


Not long after this Joe popped up on my Facebook offering a consultation... I thought why not, even though my brain was saying ”nothing will change but its an hour of my life”


Its very important to know that I have (had) NO willpower... at all!

As soon as I had spoken to Joe I knew he could help me, not just with my weight as I needed far more help than just losing weight. I needed a mind shift and once that started it lead to a big success: New found confidence in myself, belief I can achieve and I am a person of worth.


I fully committed to the program from day 1 and pushed through when things got tough, the first 2 weeks I had headaches everyday, which I believe was processed sugar withdrawal. This was a time I could have easily have given up but its important to keep telling yourself why you are doing this. Plus in the first 4 weeks I lost 1 stone! Successes like that drive you on...


My first holiday under my new lifestyle would be a challenge but Paris was a huge success story ... I used all I had learnt and found I didn’t have to think too much about food choices.


I had headaches for the first two weeks as my body changed and adapted. I also had cravings ... positive self talk helped these, plus seeing the results early on pushes you forward and I began to discover my superpower... WILL POWER!


I still get days when I crave, usually if I am very tired, as any person would ... but stress management helps! Take a step away from the situation. 

Early on in the program I  had a weekend away and kinda fell off the wagon ... but learned a lot from it, and in-fact it taught me that the process was working and in a few days I was back on track!


There are a number of highs but the biggest is learning I have will power ... a lot of it! That led to self confidence and a belief in myself that I wasn’t the worthless person I thought I was. There has been a huge mindset and mentality shift, I have the knowledge to take forward and sustain my new lifestyle and well-being.


When I look at my before and after photographs I am in total shock! I still can not believe ive made such a change, even though it is staring back at me.... But I could not have done any of this with out Joe! He is genuinely passionate about helping people and I can not thank him enough for his enthusiasm, belief and knowledge. I can not recommend Joe highly enough if you want to make a positive change in your life.


I would also like to thank Johnny and my family for there support, as the people around you have to help you as much as you need to help yourself."




'I have changed my life around thanks to Joe. With lifestyle, with outlook of getting fitter, with eating and also resting at the right time Joe has the ability to motivation me to my maximum every session. I still have a long way to go and see at the end of the year 
Thanks Joe'

19 stone

14 stone 12

'I had not exercised or played sport for my entire adult life, and had no intention to do so , my diet was at best expensive crap and with the addition of a sedentary job and 30 cigarettes a day , future health beyond 50 was hardly guaranteed,

Deciding to have a go , and maybe lose a stone brought me into contact with Joe Deverell, the simple short and efficient workouts and easy enjoyable diet plans inspired me to continue to take my fitness and health management to a new level.

Throw away anything the health mags videos and fitness industry has ever told you and follow the primal route , provided to us through evolution, Joe will take you on this journey in a supportive unbiased way , make the commitment it’s your natural path.

From 16stn 9 lb to a current weight of 11-6 , reduced body fat bmi and resting heart rate of 49 in less than 1 hours exercise a week , it’s your choice to make the right choice'


'Thanks to Joe for the sessions, and encouraging me to maintain my workouts independently. Without the help i need, its easy to let it got and lose the impetus!! Cheers!!'