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Hi, I'm Joe, The Ancestral Wellness Coach. I'm a certified health coach and specialist diabetes and obesity weight-management personal trainer. Like many of you, I ended up here due to my own struggles with my health and weight. I was forced to quit my job I had worked so hard to get because of my struggles. I've now helped dozens of clients transform their lives, and take back control of their health and weight.


Why is weight-loss with type 2 diabetes difficult?

Type 2 diabetes is actually a state of protection in the body. It's the body's way of protecting itself from chronically high insulin levels over a prolonged period of time. Insulin is our 'storage' hormone, responsible for moving glucose from the blood into fat cells, and is released in response to elevated blood glucose from carbohydrate ingestion. When the need for carbohydrate in the body has been met the body develops a temporary resistance to this elevated insulin to protect it's own cells. Chronically high carbohydrate intake and blood glucose causes the body to remain in this resistance state. Therefore the body has to release more and more insulin (storage) for the hormone to have it's normal functioning effect. Trying to lose weight when your body is stuck in this 'storage state' is difficult and requires lifestyle change.

Lifestyle Change?


Take an Ape out of the jungle, feed him our fast food, sit him in our restricting chairs, force him into daily fight or flight situations he would normally experience sporadically, restrict his sunlight, restrict his natural movement patterns, add unnatural weight for him to carry daily,  destroy his natural circadian rhythm with unnatural sleep patterns, and on-top of all that blast him with our blue light smart screens all day.

His environment no longer serves his perfect genetic recipe for health.

How long do you think it would take for him to become sick, depressed,overweight and struggling with health conditions?

Type 2 diabetes can be better controlled by re-aligning your lifestyle with that expected of your genes.

Sustainable health and fat-loss does not come in one simple fix or FAD. It takes a combination of nutrition, exercise, movement and various lifestyle factors. They all work in harmony, a symphony; the way your genes expect.

For a species not just to survive but to thrive, it requires a lifestyle plan, nutrition philosophy, and a movement pattern aligned with that expected of its genes.

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