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Re-take Control Program

Results speak louder than words. This is
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Lose fat, gain muscle & build health.

If you're ready to...

  • Strip body fat

  • Build a strong foundation of health, movement and nutrition knowledge

  • Action real change and invest fully in yourself

  • Take responsibility for your own health, weight-loss and life NOW

Then My 12 Week Re-Take Control Online Program Is for you!

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If you've failed before, it's not your fault. There's A LOT of BS out there in the health and fitness industry; FADs, 'belly-fat miracles' and 'secret six-pack supplements'.

With 8 years in the industry I've heard most of them! (Although some do surprise me to this day)

prescribe FAD diets

I DON'T sell secret supplements promising miracle results

I DON'T jump about on camera putting you through boot-camp workouts



Weight-loss STARTS with your lifestyle; those small daily actionable steps that shape your health.

Weight-loss DOES NOT start in the gym; don't be the hamster on the wheel.

I'm here to guide you through real long-term change.

I become your Virtual Personal Trainer. We work together towards your own personal goals building a healthy sustainable lifestyle for long-term success.

What are the typical results from the Re-Take Control Program?

 Average weight loss typically falls around the 2 stone mark for clients passing through the Re-take Control program. However this depends on your starting point, your own goals and your action step adherence! 


How does the Re-Take Control Program work?

You will gain access to your own personal app and cloud folder. Through the app I will program your workouts, movement and provide you with nutrition coaching, while you track 4 metrics daily: nutrition, movement, workouts and sleep. We will check in weekly to tweak your daily habits with small manageable action steps. In the cloud storage folder you will find additional reading and support material to help you progress towards your goals. I'll also deliver a weekly PDF lesson to further your knowledge on health and fitness for long-term change. You also have contact with me all week with direct message support! The program is split in the 3 phases of weight loss... the 3 big movers!!!


Phase 1 - Nutrition focus

Phase 2 -Movement focus

Phase 3 - Sleep & Lifestyle focus

Workout Programming

A workout could be a full gym split (push/pull/legs) or some hill walks; bespoke to you, your ability and current level. No matter your ability and fitness level your workouts will be programmed via my app. Each exercise will have a demonstration video for instruction and the ability to record reps/ sets & make notes on each workout. Each week we tweak and progress.

Nutrition Coaching

You'll receive macronutrient targets specific to your goals. Food tracking will be done in-app, and you can even scan bar-codes of food for convenience! I'll provide full nutrition guidance and we'll set weekly nutrition goals suited to you, your likes/dislikes. I will not write a diet plan for you, I do not believe this to be the most effective way for long-term change. We progress your current nutrition for long-term sustainability. Each week we tweak and progress.

Movement Programming

Daily low intensity movement is key. Movement tracking will be done in-app and weekly goals will be set for you to meet. 

Lifestyle Coaching

Not only will we work on your fitness and nutrition, but we'll set you up with sleep & stress management techniques. Tracking will be done in-app and goals/ techniques will be introduced during the program.

Do I need to go to the gym?



I can program workouts home or gym based with example videos of each exercise. A workout could be a full gym session, or a walk, it depends on your level!

I won't jump about on camera putting you through boot-camp workouts.

I deliver real education, and real action steps for real results.

Why Online Coaching?

With the Re-Take Control Program not only are your workouts programmed & nutrition taken care of, but I also guide you through complete lifestyle reprogramming, the big mover for long-term weight-loss and health, for less than the price of one weekly PT session.

We tackle the underlying cause of weight-gain and build a strong sustainable physique.

We work together on your complete lifestyle, not just your gym time.

Value. Efficiency. Health. Weight-loss. Longevity. Sustainability.

We are all born with a recipe of genetic make-up for a fit, lean, strong healthy happy human being. Our genes just need the right inputs!

Are you qualified to coach me?

  • REPs & CIMSPA Level 4 Weight-management specialist

  • Primal Health Coach

  • REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer (R0145972)

  • REPs Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Science

  • Sports Nutrition

Month 1

Week 1 - Nutrition Principles

Week 2 - Carbohydrates

Week 3 - Fats

Week 4 - Proteins

Month 2

Week 5 - Energy Systems

Week 6 - Resistance Training

Week 7 - Low Intensity Movement

Week 8 - High Intensity Movement

Month 3

Week 9 - Stress

Week 10 - Sleep

Week 11 - Nature

Week 12 - Graduation! (or continue)

Re-take Control Program

  • Initial consultation via Intake form diving deep into your struggles, challenges & goals

  • App based tracking & programming​; Workouts, Nutrition, Movement & Sleep 

  • Macronutrient goal setting

  • Cloud based support material

  • Weekly check-in via email tailoring your weight-loss lifestyle

  • Weekly PDF lesson on a weight-loss element of a healthy lifestyle

  • Weekly action steps to pull you towards your goals & vision

  • Nutritional guidance & sample 7 day meal plan

  • Quick & easy meals & recipes

  • Sleep & stress management techniques

  • Direct message support to boost your lifestyle transformation

Just £99 p/month

Option to extend after 12 weeks.

How do I start my journey?

If you're ready to start your journey with me apply below by filling out my pre-qualifying questionnaire, and I'll be in touch with a detailed intake form to gather the information I need from you.


Via form below

Intake Form

Week 1

App & Cloud Access + Lesson 1

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Coaching Applicton

Apply Now


Thanks for your application! I'll be in touch within 24 hours!

Limited Spaces Available. Don't Miss Out.

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